Registered Distributor

Find out how to make your first steps in our distributor programme

Sign up requirements

Proficient with at least one of the following OS-es: Windows, Linux, macOS

Appropriate IT experience for the successful installation of all system components.

Complete the Partner Questionnaire (download here) and send back to

You must have a company website with a link to

You need to maintain a positive relationship with your customers.

You must be on the frontline, supporting your customers.

Print, sign and stamp the reseller agreement (download here) and send it back to

Failure to comply will lead to cancellation of all assigned customers and removal from the Distributor Programme. Re-application is possible next quarter.

You can remain a registered distributor for one quarter only, or two quarters if the distributor registers in the last month of a quarter.


Upon meeting the signup criteria for Bronze Distributor in the current quarter, individuals gain the title and the associated benefits. This includes receiving 10% credits on sales made by you or direct purchases made by your clients to whom you sold IncoPOS or IncoCloud licenses before.