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The mission behind IncoCloud: connect and expand your business

When we started building POS software back in 2006 our primary goal was to help small businesses grow. That is why we used technologies which allowed users to expand. We used MySQL as one of the most widely used multi-platform server based database in the world. It allows users to connect to a central server from multiple workstations and with a VPN connection it can be used from any location in the world.

Today we have a much better solution for multi-store connectivity: IncoCloud. It allows you to connect multiple locations too but with many advantages:

  1. In most situations you don’t need any servers and almost no additional hardware to administer. All the heavy computations are made by our servers and IncoPOS.
  2. You don’t need a big central server. This means that if your company grows you don’t need to buy faster servers to keep up with your growth.
  3. You have a reliable backup without a schedule. All your changes are backed up immediately after you make them if you have internet connection. If you don’t they will be backed up the next time you go online and IncoPOS is turned on.
  4. You can work fast with slow or no internet at all. Since the internet connection is used only to transfer the changes you have fast access to your information if it’s on your machine and you don’t rely on the internet speed for this. In worst case scenario you will not have the latest changes since you last had internet.
  5. IncoCloud services connect you to the rest of the world. For example you can connect to your QuickBooks Online account and let IncoCloud automatically synchronize your operations there, thus your accountant can see them directly without asking you to do anything. Or you can connect your web store via the Web Store connector so that your Magento web site is always up to date with the prices and availability and you get all the sales right into IncoPOS.

IncoCloud is a service created by Vladster