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From a simple idea to reliable software for your business

IncoCloud was born from a simple and powerful idea: to empower small businesses and help them grow. Our journey began in 2006 when we set out to create POS software that would be a game changer for businesses like yours. Our core belief was to facilitate connections and make expansion accessible.

Our journey led us to embrace technology and, in particular, the incredible features of MySQL, a worldwide, platform-independent, server-based database. We used MySQL to enable users to connect to a central server from multiple workstations and to access their data from remote places all over the world via secure VPN connections.

Today we are proud to present IncoCloud, the next step in our development. IncoCloud takes the core of our initial vision and refines it to offer businesses a range of benefits that meet the evolving needs of the modern business world.

Simplified Infrastructure

IncoCloud removes the need for complex server management. Most businesses can say goodbye to additional hardware and central servers as our servers and IncoPOS do the hard work.

Complete Scalability

With IncoCloud, your business can grow without the need for expensive, faster servers. Our solution adapts easily to your growing business.

Real-Time Backups

Your data is backed up immediately after every change, as long as you’re connected to the internet. Even if you lose connectivity temporarily, IncoPOS ensures that your data is protected when you reconnect.

High Performance

Maintain productivity even in areas with slower or unreliable internet connections. IncoCloud only uses the internet to transfer updates, so you always have fast access to your data on your device. In the rare event of an internet outage, you may miss the latest updates, but your work will continue.

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