QuickBooks Online synchronization

IncoCloud can streamline the synchronization with your accounting by sending information directly to QuickBooks Online on the background.

To connect your database with QuickBooks Online please follow these steps:

  1. Open IncoPOS and navigate to Edit->Administration->IncoCloud... to open the management screen.
  2. If your database is not added to IncoCloud press the Add this database button to connect your database to IncoCloud.
  3. Go to the Licensing section and make sure you have at least an IncoCloud Basic license or start a free one month trial.
  4. Go to the Services section and enable the QuickBooks Online Connector service.
  5. Click on the QuickBooks Online Connector service and press the Connect to QuickBooks button.

After these steps are completed reopen the QuickBooks Online Connector service and setup how do you want IncoCloud to synchronize your information.